Culture and Ancestral Magic: The finest Moroccan rugs and carpets in the Market


Traditionally, Moroccan rugs and carpets are woven exclusively by women throughout their cultural history. It's usage started for personal use until its transition to more complex functionality, and now it is also used for interior design. Thus, it is now very popular in the rugs online market. According to some historians, each rug is a reflection of the woman who crafted it which was guided by the ancestral weaving tradition.

Every Moroccan carpet has its own story to tell. However, it is not ideal to populate your house with modern rugs so you need to handpick only the best and those that resonate with your taste and preference.

Thus, to help you with this, here are some tips you can use when buying from rugs Ireland offers the perfect Moroccan rug for your home. 

Choose your size

The first thing you need to check first before buying a rug is the size that you want to have in your home. Since rugs are good accessories for your home, especially your living room, take time to measure the size of your room first ( to avoid complications like buying a rug that is bigger than the size of your room). Thus, if you have a small space then it is better to opt-in for smaller rugs and if you have big enough space then you can choose large rugs. This way, you can avoid a mismatch in size when decorating your living space (since it will look awkward when you have a very small rug in a spacious room).

Pick your style

Even though it's a Moroccan design, you can still have your own taste and style. There are Moroccan rugs that rugs online offers which has a more complex design and colour. Thus, if you want a minimalist or simple style then go for Moroccan rugs that have fewer patterns with neutral tones. Additionally, there is also a style that has boldly coloured monochromes with fewer patterns and symbols that originated from the traditional Moroccan dye methods.

Find something that resonates with your soul from the rugs online market

Moroccan carpets and rugs are very unique because they have a compelling design that tells a story. So, when the crafter starts to weave it, they apply certain techniques such as single knot technique to create the design and message they want to convey. One of the most popular rugs in the rugs online market is the geometric patterned rug that has a complex texture embedded with deep meanings.

You can use the tips above when buying your ideal Moroccan rug. Since there are plenty of different Moroccan rugs in the market, it would be easier for you to narrow down your options. We recommend that you also check out the price first if it fits your budget. Otherwise, find a more suitable design that you can be both comfortable (in terms of money and style. You can also check out the design of our Moroccan rugs, we have a lot of items you can choose from and you will also have enough options to fit in your budget.

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