Recreating your Pantries during your Home Quarantine


Aside from modifying your home decor, recreating your pantries is also a practical and attractive mean to spice up any home. Aside from creating a visual centre for your food stocks, pantries may also save you money when you stockpile on non-perishables. However, as much as you try to declutter, stocking your pantries with quarantine essentials like flour, pasta, beans, cereal, and sugar can easily make it unorganized. We offer you several lifesaving tips for recreating your pantry with some of our favourite home furniture Ireland pieces.

Tips in re-designing your pantries

1. Provide easy access. 

We know how frustrating it is to misplace items at the back of your pantries. They only surface when you clean up your pantries, and by that time they may be unfit for consumption. Recreate your pantry such that you can reach and view every item with ease. 

A great tip to create a pantry with easy access is to use a set of dividers or cabinets that matches your pantry. Consider this Painted Tall Cabinet from that will make browsing your pantries as breezy as walking on a nice day in Ireland.

2. Look for under-utilized space.

Often, the space at the end of your pantry is difficult to utilize well. However, by adding select pieces of furniture like this pull-out Hendra Cabinet, you can make your whole pantry functional.

3. Special hardware accessories are to fully utilise space. 

Several accessories may spin, rotate, move or slide. While they may seem complicated, these accessories will help you utilize every inch in your pantry. Try stopping by a furniture shop to check out their organizational accessories.

4. Use height to your advantage. 

Some kitchen just doesn’t have enough space for a large pantry. You can, however, expand vertically. Utilizing the height of your pantry will allow you to stock on your essentials without cramping the kitchen. Pieces of furniture like this Cafe Cassis Wine Rack are perfect when stacking items in your pantry. The look of vertical storage also provides a modern Ireland interior to your home.

5.Group your food storage. 

Are you struggling to find specific food items in the pantry? Then it is best to group your food items. This makes it easier to find items, especially when you’re cooking. Aside from the functionality, grouped food items will also please every perfectionist out there.

6.Decorate your pantry

Your pantry can use some life, don’t you think? Decorate your pantry with colourful and textured materials. While the pantry is often out of the view, it will surely liven up your day to see that your pantry is teeming with life.

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