Storage Ideas to Organize your Homes this 2020


Let’s be real, making your home look neat and inviting is challenging when the space is limited. There are, however, several advantages in small-space living that make it a preference for many —it is cosy, the clean up is effortless and locating missing stuff is easy as pie. With that in mind, anyone knows that storage and organization are among the trickiest aspects of living in tight quarters.

Fortunately, many genius storage solutions will help you reorganize and glam-up your space with minimalist furniture Ireland ambience. Check them out below.

Storage ideas this 2020

Ottoman Storage

A new or a revamped ottoman is a suitable solution for storing miscellaneous items that float around your living room. If you can never find a fitting place to stash your belongings, just throw it in your ottoman.

The functionality and style of an ottoman also make it an excellent piece to brighten and stylize your living room aesthetics. At the same time, it keeps clutter out of sight while giving you posh home decor. 

Bed Storage

Under-the-bed storage is amongst the first options people turn to when looking for storage solutions. However, shoving things under the bed without a structure will soon turn it into a big chaotic mess.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable pull-out drawers, customizable containers and dividers to store your items neatly under the bed. 

Coffee Table Storage

Living rooms are easily cluttered with items such as remote controls, crafts and magazines. Without any form of organization, a small living room will turn into a messy space that will give you a headache.

You no longer have to suffer tho. A coffee table storage will offer an easy storage option. When it comes to hiding items in plain sight, nothing beats a functional coffee table storage.

Makeshift Closet

A makeshift closet functions as a clever room divider and organizer that allows you to locate your organize and store items easily, such as clothes, belts, and bedsheets.

Shelving Storage

Kitchen storage is one of the toughest organizational tasks to crack. However, with a little time and ingenuity, transforming your kitchen is easier than you might think.

If you can't decide how to tidy up your kitchen, then it might be time to install shelvings. With a couple of matching containers, your kitchen shelves will look like out of an interior design magazine. 

Floating Cabinets

Speaking of cabinets, making them float is a genius idea to maximize your storage up to a tenfold.

Rather than loading up an already cramped space with tables and dressers for additional storage, you can opt for floating cabinets. They’ll store nearly anything you need without taking up any floor space or overwhelming your room aesthetic.

Table storage 


Even the teeniest of tables can be an uber-effective storage solution for small-space living.

Aside from being conveniently minimal, chic, and sophisticated, it will also keep coasters, cards, and papers neatly tucked away till you need them.

Here you go, folks! Enjoy styling and organizing your cosy spaces now, and don't forget to check out Oneliving for more functional and amazing furniture items. 

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