Top Tips on how to have a budget-friendly Renovations


Do you ever feel bored and just wonder if you can change some things inside your house? Well, stay tuned because furniture Ireland has got you covered. 

Every home has a room that could use a makeover from the kitchen, bedroom, and where to put your favourite living room furniture. That’s daunting enough, but full-scale renovations can be positively overwhelming.

The good news is, if you’re faced with a renovation project there are some easy ways to build on a budget and love the results.

Renovation budget tips

When in Doubt, Plan It Out

Planning is probably the single most important way to keep costs down. Typically, when renovations break the bank, it’s because there was no plan. To avoid changing plans mid-project, spend time upfront creating a clear, realistic picture of what you’re looking to accomplish with your renovation. If you plan carefully, you shouldn’t run into unexpected expenses when remodelling.

Pick the Right People

When it comes to home renovation, you have to spend money to save money while relaxing in your room with your favourite bedroom furniture. This seems counterintuitive—why wouldn’t you simply pick the contractor who can complete the job at the lowest price? The simple answer is that quality matters. Lots of people will advertise to get your business, but they may not be right for the job. 

That’s why it is important to use word-of-mouth references and reviews from sites like One living to find perfect furniture Ireland pieces and a contractor who can accomplish your goals on your terms.

Don’t Rush the Bidding Process

From furniture Ireland market, experts agree: you need to collect at least three bids for your project before choosing one. Patience pays off here. Bidding out the contract could help you find the support you need, and at the very least could allow you to leverage your bids against one another to bring costs down if you already have a contractor in mind.


You’ll probably work with an architect in addition to contractors, but their roles differ significantly. Architects want to sell ideas — their job is to create, and your job is to pay for that creation. That’s why it’s important to consistently talk to your architect and contractor about your budget constraints. This will keep your architect from suggesting a coffee table in the kitchen, and will also help your contractor as he or she purchases supplies for the project.

Hire a Reputation, Not a Result

Reputation is the gold standard in the home construction business. Since hiring a contractor without the right reviews can lead to not-so-great results, you’re best off paying extra for someone who you know can deliver. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a residential contractor to begin a project without finishing it. If you’ve hired someone with great reviews, or whose work you’ve seen before, you’re much more likely to end up the envy of your friends instead of getting stuck with a never-ending project.

Renovations are no small undertaking and should be handled responsibly. Once you create a budget, take steps to stick to it. Ultimately, that’s how dream homes are made.

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