What are the things that you need to know when buying an antique rug


Who doesn't want an antique rug at home? It has an impeccable craftmanship rooted from ancient times and captivating designs that will truly make your head turn. The antique rugs in rugs online offers have timeless designs and consists of textures that creates a real story. Some examples of this include the Kuba rugs and Oushak. These kinds of rugs are best for classic interior houses.

Because of this, the antique rugs are now populating the rugs Ireland market as the demand rises. Thus, it may be hard to really pick the best especially when you're in a tight budget. Because we value our readers, here's some useful information you can use to assess which rugs to purchase.

What do you consider as an Antique Rug?

It might be hard to ask the salesperson about the age of the rug, all the more when they don't know it themselves. However, there are plenty of rugs online that you can search and lookup for the date it was made or designed. The standard antique rug must at least be 100 years old to pass the qualification.

What are the common misconceptions about antique rugs?

There are plenty of misconceptions about antique rugs out there. But we have gathered some very important ones.

  • An antique rug is displayed along with other traditional furniture. However, you can actually find plenty in the nearest furniture store and even in rugs online offers.

  • The main purpose of antique rugs is for functionality, not just style and design. And even though they are originally designed for small places, there are also few exceptions for large rugs that fits your needs but they're very rare.

  • A lot of people think that Antique rugs are very expensive. This is not true. Nowadays, you can already buy these kinds of rugs at very reasonable prices.

Things you need to be mindful when buying an antique rug:

  • Do some research about the kind of materials for the rug that will suit your needs. However, we recommend for you to opt-in for rugs that are made of wool. This includes both antique and modern rugs.

  • Know your style. This is crucial to avoid a mismatch in your interior. 

  • Go for quality. We understand that you can also be concerned with your budget. However, if your opt-in for rugs that have good quality which is slightly above your budget, you can also save money in the future. Low-quality items tends to get damaged very fast while those with good quality last longer. Hence, giving you a reason not to buy a new one every now and then.

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